Meet our New Landslide Hazards Program

Washington’s widely varying climate and topography along with complex geology creates many areas that are prone to landslides.  Identifying past landslides is the best way to identify future landslide hazards. After the devastating SR530 “Oso” Landslide in March 2014, the state legislature recognized the need for a greater emphasis on landslide mapping. Resources were allocated to […]

Hot Out of the Mantle…

Today, DGER brings you three new volcano-related resources: Volcano hazards are now on our portal and available in GIS format We have a new volcanoes webpage — you’ll lava it! We’ve just released a series of posters for Volcano Preparedness Month. Portal Update A new layer is now available on our Geologic Information Portal. The […]

Geology Portal Update

The Geochronology and Seismogenic  Features databases have been updated and are now available on the Geology Portal. The datasets can also be downloaded direct from our GIS & Databases webpage. Updates to the datasets include the addition of: age analysis data from several new publications,  earthquake data from the last few years, and hyperlinks to paleoseismic investigation publications (trenches).  Happy clicking! […]

DGER on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to be a better Geologic Information Portal (online interactive map) user? Have you wanted to dive into the world of 3D geology with Google Earth KMZs and 3D PDFs, but didn’t know where to start? DGER has recently released a number of tutorial guides for our portal and 3D data offerings […]

Happy National Geologic Map Day!

Recently, DGER recreated the “page-size” Geologic Map of Washington as a digital product (in GIS), enhancing the appearance of the cartography and improving its resolution. Educators often find this map useful for introducing basic Washington State geology to their students and appreciate that it can be printed on a standard home printer. Click on the […]

Geology Portal Gets Updated

Whether a newbie to DGER’s online geologic information portal or an old hat at using it, you’ll be interested to know that we have just released the latest version of it to the public! The latest version runs on Esri’s ArcGIS for Server 10.1 platform, but there won’t be a noticeable difference to the way […]

Seattle Times article profiles our Seismic Scenario Catalog, sends tremors through system

Yesterday’s article published in the Seattle Times, profiling the DNR-hosted Seismic Scenarios Catalog, prompted so many hits to our site that many users received intermittent service error notifications. Rest assured, we are working on this issue and expect service to return to normal soon. We first blogged about the Seismic Scenarios Catalog on its public […]

Geology and GIS Day 2012

On 11/14 the Washington State Geological Survey participated in GIS Day 2012 festivities held in the state capitol building. Geologic maps were showcased in the rotunda and questions were answered at an information booth staffed by survey employees. In the afternoon, four survey geologists (Tim Walsh, Trevor Contreras, Eric Schuster, and Meredith Payne) gave talks […]

Happy Geologic Map Day!

Geologic Maps have long been the established method for geologists to communicate their scientific discoveries, and at the Washington State Geological Survey we take pride in our award winning geologic maps! We invite you to search through our selection of Washington geology maps here. We are also excited to pass on the website launch announcement […]