New Map Poster Available-The Cheney-Palouse Tract of Washington’s Channeled Scablands

A new map poster is available titled The Cheney–Palouse Tract of Washington’s Channeled Scablands. Using elevation data, it highlights a remote portion of the Eastern Washington landscape shaped by catastrophic ice-age floods. During the last ice age, a lobe of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet formed an ice dam that blocked a major valley in what […]

Rainforest Rivers of the Outer Olympic Coast

New LiDAR product available! This imagery shows floodplain details from five rivers on the outer Olympic Peninsula—the Quinault, Queets, Hoh, Bogachiel/Quillayute, and Sol Duc. The headwaters of these rivers begin in melting snowfields and glaciers of the Olympic Mountains. They then flow through a region of dense temperate rainforest and westward to the Pacific Ocean. […]

New LiDAR Collection Underway

This winter and spring have witnessed a flurry of LiDAR-(light detection and ranging) related activity at the Division of Geology and Earth Resources (DGER) as the new LiDAR program begins to take shape.  The ongoing collection of new aerial LiDAR data in western Washington will ultimately serve as the foundation data for mapping, geologic hazard mitigation, […]