April Image of the Month: Ledgewood–Bonair Landslide, Whidbey Island, WA

Thanks to our hazards geologists and landslide experts, Isabelle Sarikhan and Stephen Slaughter, we were able to bring you detailed pictures (including this month’s photo) and information on this large Whidbey Island landslide event immediately after its occurrence on March 27, 2013! As we blogged last week, the hazards team released a Quick Report on […]

More on the March 27 Whidbey Island Landslide Event

DGER geologists who responded to yesterday’s large landslide event, now known as the Ledgewood–Bonair Landslide, have released an unofficial, unedited report detailing their on-site reconnaissance, as well as information pertaining to past observations made of that site. You’ll find this most interesting read here! And click here to download Michael Polenz’s 2009 Geologic Map of […]