New Landslide Inventory of Western Whatcom County Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of our Landslide Inventory of Western Whatcom County. Landslide Inventory of Western Whatcom County, Washington Abstract An updated inventory of landslides was produced by interpreting 1,398 mi2 of lidar data in western Whatcom County. Following published protocols, mapping yielded 1,911 landslides and 2,470 fans. High landslide density was […]

Older and Wiser After 130 Years

The Washington Geological Survey begins The State-mandated pursuit to understand geology and mineral resources in Washington began on February 25, 1890. The first such entity was called the Washington Mining Bureau, tasked with pursuing mining and mineral resources across the state. George Bethune, a Canadian-born chemist and mineral assayer was hired as the first State […]

Geologic Information Portal Update

We’ve updated our 1:24,000-scale surface geologic mapping on our Geologic Information Portal. This dataset is a compilation of 1:24,000-scale mapping of 7.5-minute quadrangles across the State. Suggested citation: Washington Geological Survey, 2019, Surface geology, 1:24,000–GIS data, November 2019: Washington Geological Survey Digital Data Series DS-10, version 3.1, previously released September 2017. Link

New Geologic Mapping Published!

We’re pleased to announce the release of two new geologic maps! Geologic map of the Adna 7.5-minute quadrangle, Lewis County, Washington Abstract: New 1:24,000-scale geologic mapping of the Adna quadrangle in southwest Washington focuses on improving geologic understanding of natural hazards that may pose a risk to people and infrastructure, including a proposed flood-retention structure […]

New Tsunami Simulation Videos Published

We have released new videos showing simulated tsunami wave amplitudes and current speeds for several locations along the Washington coast. Tsunamis are multi-wave events that affect coastal areas for many hours to potentially days after an earthquake happens. In order to show how tsunamis might affect a certain area over time we use computer models […]

Results of the 2017–2019 School Seismic Safety Project Published

We are pleased to publish the results of the 2017–2019 School Seismic Safety Project The School Seismic Safety Project (SSSP) is the first phase of a statewide effort to systematically evaluate Washington school buildings for seismic performance. Many of Washington’s K–12 students attend schools that may not withstand earthquake shaking. Washington State ranks second in the […]