June TsuInfo Now Available

This issue of TsuInfo includes articles on: Dedication of the nation’s first tsunami vertical evacuation structure   New outreach products from the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration First ever world Tsunami Awareness Day set to debut in November Also featured are tsunami project updates, news, newly published research, and […]

Landslide Hazard Geologists at Work

Last month, landslide hazard geologists from the DNR Division of Geology and Earth Resources (DGER) attended a landslide conference hosted by the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) and Indonesian Center for Volcanic and Geologic Hazard Mapping at the Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Washington. To promote greater cooperation among state and federal agencies, and reduce potential landslide losses, the […]

Volcano Profile: Mount Adams

Location: Yakima County, WA Elevation: 3,742 m (12,277 ft) GEOLOGY Mount Adams is volumetrically the largest volcano in the Pacific Northwest. It is actually a cluster of volcanic vents that erupted andesitic lava from the vent cluster rather than a single vent. The Mount Adams system is one of the youngest in the Cascade Range and is […]

Meet our New Landslide Hazards Program

Washington’s widely varying climate and topography along with complex geology creates many areas that are prone to landslides.  Identifying past landslides is the best way to identify future landslide hazards. After the devastating SR530 “Oso” Landslide in March 2014, the state legislature recognized the need for a greater emphasis on landslide mapping. Resources were allocated to […]

Volcano Profile: Glacier Peak

Location: Snohomish County, WA Elevation: 3,213 m (10,541 ft) Nearby towns: Darrington GEOLOGY Sitting relatively low on the skyline, Glacier Peak is mostly hidden from Puget Lowland residents, yet it is one of the more dangerous of the Cascade volcanoes. The volcano frequently and explosively produces dacite lava flows, tephra (ash) and far-reaching lahars (volcanic mudflows). Geologic […]

Volcano Profile: Mount St. Helens

Location: Skamania County, WA Elevation: 2,549 m (8,363 ft) Nearby towns: Castle Rock, Olympia, Vancouver, Portland (OR) GEOLOGY Mount St. Helens produces dacitic to andesitic lava flows, pumice, and lahars. Like Glacier Peak, the composition of its magma makes it erupt more explosively than other Cascade volcanoes that erupt andesitic lava. The areas prone to […]

Volcano Profile: Mount Baker

Location: Whatcom County, Washington Elevation: 3,286 m; 10,781 ft Nearby Towns: Glacier, Concrete GEOLOGY Mount Baker produces andesitic lava flows, pumice, and lahars.The areas prone to lahars are determined in part by figuring out where lahars traveled in the past. Evidence of massive lahars is still abundant in many of the valleys that drain Mount Baker. The […]

Volcano Profile: Mount Rainier

Location: Pierce County, WA Elevation: 4,392 m; 14,410 ft Nearby towns: Orting, Seattle, Tacoma, Yakima Geology Mount Rainier produces andesitic and dacitic lava flows, pumice, and lahars. The areas prone to lahars are determined in part by figuring out where lahars traveled in the past. Evidence of massive lahars is still abundant in many of the […]