Seattle Times article profiles our Seismic Scenario Catalog, sends tremors through system

Yesterday’s article published in the Seattle Times, profiling the DNR-hosted Seismic Scenarios Catalog, prompted so many hits to our site that many users received intermittent service error notifications. Rest assured, we are working on this issue and expect service to return to normal soon.

We first blogged about the Seismic Scenarios Catalog on its public release at the end of October 2012. It is an interactive (GIS-based) mapping tool designed to provide data to emergency managers and planners who wish to visualize potential impacts of various seismic events to critical infrastructure and population bases in their regions. The catalog is a compilation of results from 20 scenario models run using FEMA’s Hazards United States (HAZUS) software program and is based on reasonable estimates of the most serious earthquake hazards to Washington State.