Hot Out of the Mantle…

Today, DGER brings you three new volcano-related resources:

  1. Volcano hazards are now on our portal and available in GIS format
  2. We have a new volcanoes webpage — you’ll lava it!
  3. We’ve just released a series of posters for Volcano Preparedness Month.

ger_pubs_data_portal_tile_240x170Portal Update

A new layer is now available on our Geologic Information Portal. The Volcanic Hazards layer provides a simplified version of data modified from the USGS. The data includes: hazard type, description of hazard, and steps to follow in an emergency. You may also download the GIS data from our GIS Data and Databases page, or directly here.


Suggested citation:

Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources, 2016, Volcanic hazards, adapted from U.S. Geological Survey–GIS data: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources, version 1.0, May, 2016.

New Webpage

Check out the all new sections of our updated Volcanic Hazards webpage:

Washington volcanoes

Volcanic hazards

Evacuation and

Volcano hazard
information map


What we do

Volcano preparedness

Fun volcano

Volcano Preparedness Posters

In cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey and several Emergency Management Departments from local counties, we have developed a series of posters to promote awareness of the hazards posed by Washington’s five active stratovolcanoes.

These posters are available for download on our newly updated Volcanoes and Lahars page of our website or click the links below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for two more weeks of Volcano Preparedness Month!

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