Pierce County Landslide Inventory Released


The Washington Geological Survey is pleased to announce the publication of a detailed landslide inventory, susceptibility analysis, and exposure analysis of Pierce County, WA.

Landslide data was generated using high-quality lidar data, the landslide inventory protocol published earlier this year (Bulletin 82),  as well as methods used by Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries to map landslide susceptibility.

Landslide inventory and susceptibility data assist planners, emergency managers, public works departments, and those who live and work where landslides could impact their daily lives. Some examples of uses include:

  • Public works—A landslide inventory can identify areas where underground utilities or transportation networks may need additional review. Areas with a history of maintenance issues may benefit from a review of the landslide inventory, which may identify previously unrecognized landslide hazards.
  • Planning—Landslide inventory mapping and susceptibility analyses can identify areas where proposed land use intersects landslide hazards. These areas need additional geotechnical review to ensure that the proposed land use will not be adversely impacted by the landslide hazard(s).
  • Emergency management—Landslide inventories can assist emergency decision-making when landslides are reported. Quick access to landslide inventory mapping and susceptibility analyses can help emergency managers assess the likelihood that a reported incident may be landslide related.
  • Public—Those purchasing or renting property or a home and (or) those who currently live on (or adjacent to) a landslide should be aware of the landslide hazards.

These data will appear on the Survey’s Geologic Information Portal beginning later this summer.

Suggested citation: Mickelson, K. A.; Jacobacci, K. E.; Contreras, T. A; Biel,
Alyssa; Slaughter, S. L., 2017, Landslide inventory, susceptibility, and exposure
analysis of Pierce County, Washington: Washington Geological Survey Report
of Investigation 39, 16 p. text, with 2 accompanying ESRI file geodatabases and
1 Microsoft Excel file. 

Link: https://fortress.wa.gov/dnr/geologydata/publications/ger_ri39_pierce_county_landslide_inventory.zip


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