New, improved Geology Portal puts more data in your hands

Portal Shot.png

The underground story of Washington’s geologic history has long been available through various interactive maps on DNR’s web site. Now we’ve combined those maps into a one-stop portal for all things geologic.

Now you can see faults the Washington Geological Survey has mapped near your home, where we have lidar data for landslides, how far inland tsunami waves might flood, and more than a dozen meticulously-researched scenarios for potential earthquake damages in one handy page!

This detailed and multi-layered map allows you to investigate mineral deposits, geothermal vents, data from subsurface boreholes, seismic shear waves, coal mines, and much, much more.

In addition to combining these once-separate maps, the great minds at the Washington Geological Survey, a division of DNR, have added new data that you can view on the map or download in its raw form.

You can also filter layers so you only see what you want and design, save and print custom geologic maps for almost any location in the state, searchable even by street address.

ger_mobile_android_screenshot.pngAnd the best part? Our new portal version works on mobile devices (although screen size can limit the user experience)! You can of course download our mobile app to put a simplified version Washington geology in your palm (Note, though, that the app is a beta version, ideal for use by geology students, professionals and those familiar with the science.)

So if you’re curious about how old the rocks beneath your house are, where your nearest tsunami evacuation zone is located, or where you might find gravity anomalies, visit the new, improved portal at

The more you know about our geology, the better you can live in our dynamic corner of the continent.