New Tsunami Evacuation Walk Time Maps Published


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We have published tsunami evacuation walk time maps for the communities of Port Townsend, Ilwaco, Long Beach and Seaview, and Westport. The maps show the amount of time it would take to evacuate from within the modeled inundation zone of a Cascadia-sourced subduction zone earthquake. The maps show the extent of the tsunami inundation zone and the paths of tsunami evacuation routes. Colors indicate how many minutes it would take to get to safety from any given location within the inundation zone.

The maps assume a slow walking pace of 2.46 miles per hour, equivalent to the pace used for the timing of cross walks. Note that in some places a slow walk may not be fast enough to evacuate before waves arrive. In these cases a faster evacuation pace will be necessary. Some areas may require vertical evacuation structures for successful evacuation.

The maps are also available through an interactive map on our website: