It’s the Great Shakeout, Charlie Brown!


Unlike Charlie Brown, who never got to see the alleged Great Pumpkin, the Great Washington ShakeOut is a sure bet. Like clockwork (and the obligatory appearance of pumpkin shakes when the leaves change color), the third Thursday of October is when many voluntarily spend time huddling under desks with their glow sticks, whistles, granola bars and bottled water to think about:

  • what would actually happen during a big earthquake, and
  • where their preparation for earthquakes is lacking.

Some of the big thinkers get more specific and might ask themselves:

  • do I have a family emergency plan that includes my pets?,
  • do I have emergency supplies in my car and at my home? Have the food items in my supply expired?, and
  • is my house bolted to the foundation?

Join us by huddling under your desk (don’t forget your glow stick, whistle and pumpkin shake) and pondering your own preparedness on Thursday October 19th at 10:19 am. Charlie Brown would be sincerely proud.