Geology Portal App Launches

Put Washington’s Geologic Information Portal in your pocket!

  • Have you ever wondered if the café you were sitting in was, in turn, sitting on the Osceola Mudflow?
  • Do you want to map out your tsunami evacuation route for an upcoming trip to the coast?
  • Have you reached the job site in Seattle and forgotten critical boring log data?


Now you can explore Washington’s geology, learn about geologic hazards, and find borehole lithology data — all from your mobile device.

This app is a much-simplified beta version of the Washington Geologic Information Portal, a desktop-based interactive map containing detailed and comprehensive geologic data about Washington state. This app is ideal for geology students, professionals and those familiar with geologic terms and concepts.

Available Layers:

  • Surface Geology at 1:500,000, 1:100,000, and 1:24,000 scales and geochronology data
  • Tsunami Evacuation, assembly areas, local landmarks, evacuation zones and map boundaries
  • Subsurface Data from geotechnical borings and water wells
  • Faults, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis: Find active faults and folds, trenches, earthquakes, liquefaction susceptibility, seismic site class, and tsunami inundation modeling


Important Note

This app requires an internet connection to display data, and data charges may apply. Geolocation services are enabled in order to display device location on the map, but the data is not collected or saved.

Get the App

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Or, here’s the link to the website version of the app