Coolest Interpretive Sign in Olympia

Last week, we celebrated the addition of a new interpretive sign at Kettle View Park, here in Olympia. The Geology Division worked closely with the City of Olympia to produce an innovative explanation of the area’s glacial history for visitors.

Folks from DNR past and present and the City of Olympia made this cool sign!

Why the Sign?

Located within the Budd Inlet kettle train, Kettle View Park offers proximity to several large glacial kettles. Kettles are bowl-like depressions in the ground, left by the melting of solitary chunks of ice surrounded by sediment (see more below) as the glaciers receded.


A Story of Sediment, Water, & Ice

DSC_0002.jpgThe interpretive sign is the result of a collaborative effort between the City of Olympia, DGER, and several other geology fanatics. The sign features two stationary panels set behind two resin panels on barn-door sliders that can be positioned over the basemap. This allows the user to interactively see the dramatic effects glacial ice has left on the south Puget Sound area.

So Why are Kettles so Cool?


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