Chehalis River Flood Plain and Channel Patterns

Chehalis River Flood Plain and Channel Patterns

Our new and talented cartographer, Daniel E. Coe, has drafted a lidar map of the Chehalis River. To do this, he created a relative elevation model (REM) of the lidar data, where the elevation of the river is forced to be constant, and color saturation changes relative to the height above river level. The result is a highly detailed and beautiful map of the active and abandoned river channels preserved in the topography. Explore the detailed imagery by clicking here. This map is derived from relative elevation data presented in Information Circular 118, by Slaughter and Hubert (2014)

If this looks a tad familiar to you, you’re not mistaken. Dan comes to us from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, where he produced iconic lidar imagery of the Willamette River. Daniel recently returned from a year of traveling to 30 different countries around the globe, but is happy to be back in his favorite place on the planet, the Pacific Northwest!

He also happens to be a pretty talented photographer, so we feel pretty lucky to have him aboard.

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