Newly published: Rock aggregate resource inventory map of Lewis County, Washington

We are pleased to announce the release of a new publication!

Rock aggregate resource inventory map of Lewis County, Washington
Daniel W. Eungard

Ever wonder where the best and worst rock aggregate is within Pierce County? This question keeps us up at night and here is the answer!

Summary: Rock aggregate is one of the fundamental building blocks of roads, bridges, and buildings that use concrete. Luckily for us in Washington, the Pleistocene glaciers that once covered all of the Puget Lowland deposited vast amounts of these valuable resources as they advanced and retreated. Ever-expanding population centers, however, threaten the availability of these aggregate resources. 

This publication continues DGER’s work to map and characterize the sand, gravel, and bedrock resources of Washington. This effort aids county and regional planners as they consider which areas should be reserved for future aggregate resource development.