The Washington Geological Survey (finally) Has a New Website!

ger_geology_earth_resources_main_picture_990x240For the last few months, we’ve been very busy rebuilding our webpage. The new site launched yesterday. I don’t think there were any bigger critics of our old site than ourselves, and to us, this update was about 10 years overdue. The site is now mobile-friendly, easier to navigate (we hope), easier for lay folk to understand, and is chock full of fun graphics. Happy surfing!

There are still some kinks in some of the functionality and we haven’t crafted all the planned content yet, so we appreciate your patience while we heat up our irons and hot glue guns. Look for more information on the site in the coming weeks.

Before you travel to the new site, improve your user experience by deleting your cookies. The site is best-viewed using Google Chrome.

For questions, feedback, and help, email us at