New and Updated Data on the Washington Geologic Information Portal

We’ve just added several new mineral-themed datasets to both our GIS Data and Databases page and the Washington Geologic Information Portal.


Layers include:

  • Digital Data Series 13: Metallic Minerals—compilation data from abandoned mines and prospects gathered from several publications and databases.
  • Digital Data Series 15: Hazardous Minerals—includes location and hazard classification for naturally occurring asbestos, mercury, arsenic, and radon
  • Digital Data Series 16: Coal—includes major coal fields, identified resources, and occurrences compiled from several published sources


We’ve also updated the Tsunami Evacuation data on the Tsunami Evacuation Theme of the Portal. Data includes assembly areas, evacuation structures, walking and driving evacuation routes, tsunami hazard zones, and local landmarks. The data can also be downloaded directly in GIS format here.