Landslides and Landforms now on the Washington Geologic Information Portal

Landslides and landforms data has been placed onto the Washington Geologic Information Portal. We’ve made a few changes to its appearance by dividing the data into separate layers, including 1:24,000- and 1:100,000-scale landslides from geologic mapping, miscellaneous landslides, landslides mapped using watershed analysis protocols, reconnaissance-level landslides, and Salish Sea landforms. We’ve also added the extents of landslide mapping for several layers, including the 1:24,000-scale landslides from geological maps and watershed analysis landslides.

While we’ve made a lot of improvements, this dataset will always be a work in progress. Landslides have not been mapped statewide using the same methods everywhere. This means that if the data doesn’t show a landslide in a given area, it doesn’t mean it’s not there—it is possible that it just hasn’t been mapped.

The data can be viewed on our Portal, or can be downloaded directly in GIS geodatabase format from our GIS data page.

Suggested citation for the GIS data: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources, 2014, Washington State landslides and landforms–GIS data, December, 2014: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources Digital Data Series DS-12, version 2.0. []