Newly published: Faults and earthquakes in Washington State

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new publication!

Faults and Earthquakes in Washington State
J. L. Czajkowski and J. D. Bowman

fault_earthquake_map_20141216_as_18Summary:  Every year, relatively young faults are discovered in Washington through various methods, usually some combination of lidar, geophysics, seismicity, and (or) geologic mapping. This 45 x 36 in. color sheet shows Quaternary-age faults (those less than 2.58 million years old) and inactive faults and is compiled from several sources. Relocated earthquakes in and offshore of Washington State are also shown. A table in the plate provides links to many of the Washington State faults inventoried in the U. S. Geological Survey’s Quaternary-age Fault and Fold Database.