New Data on the Washington Geologic Information Portal!

After over a year of map development, and several years of data development, we’ve just added new data layers to several theme maps within the Washington Geologic Information Portal! The added or revised data can be found on either the Washington Interactive Geologic Map or the Geothermal Resources of Washington map themes. These new datasets are also downloadable in ArcGIS geodatabase format from our GIS data page.

Revisions and additions include:

  • 1:24,000-scale Geologic Mapping (Digital Data Series DS-10): compilation of  most published 7.5-minute geologic quadrangle mapping in Washington State.
  • Subsurface Database (Digital Data Series DS-11): compilation of location, lithology information, and supporting documentation for thousands of geotechnical boreholes and other subsurface exploration. The database was re-symbolized, we’ve improved the user interface, and the data is now available for public download.
  • Geochronology (Digital Data Series DS-6): new digital compilation of over 5,000 published and unpublished age estimates.
  • Rock Geochemistry (Digital Data Series DS-5): new digital compilation of over 3,500 published and unpublished major element and trace geochemical analyses. Note: We opted to not include data already compiled within the 2004 U.S. Geological Survey National Geochemistry Database.
  • Geothermal Favorability (Digital Data Series DS-9): new raster overlays showing modeled geothermal favorability, geothermal potential, and elevation restrictions. The download data also includes additional heat and permeability input rasters. For more information on how these models were generated, please see the newly published Geothermal favorability model of Washington State (OFR 2014-02).
  • Geothermal Direct Use (Digital Data Series DS-4): new digital data compilation of open- and closed-loop geothermal sites in Washington State, compiled from the Washington State Department of Ecology. Available data includes links to scanned well logs, permit applications, and other documents.
  •  Thermal and Mineral Springs (Digital Data Series DS-7): Large digital compilation of thermal and mineral spring locations, major element and isotope water chemistry, temperatures, and photos from both published literature and recent sampling by DGER. This dataset supersedes spring data previously available on our Portal and download data.
  • Geothermal Wells (Digital Data Series DS-8): update of gradient/heat flow wells, water wells with temperature, and geothermal permit locations. This dataset includes revised and (or) added gradients, updated or new temperature-depth logs, and recently drilled geothermal test wells.

Happy clicking!