Jari Roloff, Geology Editor at DGER, retires

Jari Roloff
Jari at the garden of Little & Lewis, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Last Monday was Jari Roloff’s last day with the Division of Geology and Earth Resources. After 23 years with the Division eliminating extraneous parentheticals, shortening run-on sentences, and generally saving us all from embarrassment, she is leaving us to finally relax.

We will miss her witty exasperation at our more-than-occasional use of incoherent grammar and her gentle, yet critical eye for detail. We are grateful for her uncanny ability to edit while leaving the authors their ‘voice’ intact. Her artistry, style, and experienced eye are evident on every publication we’ve produced for a very long time; thanks to her refinement of graphics to the level of a pixel, some of those publications won awards.

So please raise your coffee mugs to Jari Roloff, geology editor extraordinaire, gerund master, past and present perfectionist. May her subjects and verbs always agree. More importantly, may she think back fondly on us and her time here in Geology and may she visit us often. We only hope that she’s left enough clues and dropped sufficient hints so that we can continue to not embarrass ourselves in the future.