New and improved! Have another look at DNR’s landslide hazard website

There have been some important changes to our landslide hazard website since we last blogged about it on November 1, 2012. We have improved the resolution of the map by adding the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast zones. A shaded relief of elevation, along with the addition of salt and fresh water features, improves the look of the map, and makes it easier to locate the place(s) you may be interested in. Behind the scenes, an improved algorithm and the use of NWS precipitation forecasts makes the hazard level indicated on the map more closely relate to what is happening on the ground.

As was true before, the webpage is a test project of the DNR and NWS intended to raise awareness of shallow landslide hazards caused by periods of prolonged rainfall. The map is not intended to predict landslides at any particular time or location; it only rates the overall risk that one might occur, based on rainfall measurements over the past week and forecasts for the coming 48 hours.