August Geology Image of the Month: Hood Canal

The August Geology Image of the Month was captured by mapping geologists Gabriel Legorretta Paulin and Trevor Contreras. It was taken during the 2012 field season while mapping along the Hood Canal, a region that Trevor and others have been working in for the past five years with the aid of grants provided by the U.S. Geological Survey. The geologists use bluffs and other exposures observed along the canal to reconstruct the area’s geologic history revealed in bedrock, glacial, and nonglacial deposits. The mappers have made an number of important discoveries in Hood Canal, including recognition of the dominance of nonglacial sediments in the basin, and the mapping of Seattle fault zone strands as well as previously unknown faults. They have concluded that deposits and landforms in the Hood Canal area are indicative of stagnant or dead-ice terrain, rather than the result of active ice conditions during the Vashon glaciation.

The lovely landscape photo was taken from the southern end of the Toandos Peninsula looking south down Hood Canal. To the southeast is the Kitsap Peninsula and the community of Seabeck. To the southwest are the Olympic Mountains and the community of Brinnon.