January Image of the Month: Reclaimed Mine Site, Rock Island, WA

This month’s image features a successfully reclaimed mine site in Rock Island, to the southeast of Wenatchee, WA. As we can see, the Rock Island sand pit now has a beautiful second life as an orchard. The termination inspection was performed during the first week of December 2012 by our own surface mining specialists Coire McCabe and Bryan Garcia (pictured here). Bryan explains, “This site had been a relic on the Surface Mine Reclamation books for years while we waited for the vegetation to establish itself and for some administrative issues to be cleared up. Upon notice that this site had met the minimum standards of RCW 78.44, Coire and I took the opportunity to inspect and terminate the permit for this site. It was an especially nice orchard that overlooks the mighty Columbia River.”

It seems a fitting start to the New Year to see a refreshing example of a lovely land restoration representing a job well done!