Rain, Rain, Go Away…

The end of November is typically the wettest two weeks of the year, and today is statistically the wettest of 2012. In Washington State, prolonged or intense rainfall means landslides.Today, amidst the reports of several slides and road closures, the National Weather Service office in Seattle has issued a special weather statement warning for elevated landslide risk in Western Washington over the next few days.

The Washington State Geological Survey (a.k.a DGER) has several tools to help Washington residents prepare for landslide season in the Northwest. Our landslide fact sheet (http://www.dnr.wa.gov/Publications/ger_fs1_landslides.pdf), alerts readers to the warning signs of landslides and to what help is available if you are impacted. Our interactive landslide map on the Geologic Information Portal (https://fortress.wa.gov/dnr/geology/?Theme=landslides) can help you locate landslides that have previously occurred, and our landslide hazard map (https://fortress.wa.gov/dnr/landslidewarning/) can help you determine the current landslide risk on a county-wide basis.

Get Involved!

See a landslide? Want to report it?
Visit www.dnr.wa.gov/ResearchScience/HowTo/GeologyEarthSciences/Pages/report_a_landslide.aspx
We use your information to develop better hazard maps and to further our understanding of landslide behavior in Washington State.