Launch of the Seismic Scenarios Catalog

Today Washington State Geological Survey scientists were on hand as John Schelling, earthquake program manager for the Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division (EMD), presented a live webinar release of the Seismic Scenario Catalog, hosted through DNR in a GIS environment. The catalog is a compilation of results from 20 scenario models run using FEMA’s Hazards United States (HAZUS) software program and is based on reasonable estimates of the most serious earthquake hazards to Washington State. Each scenario includes a shaking intensity map to convey how widely felt the particular seismic event is projected to be, and many additional data layers, detailing the demographics of affected regions and impacts to infrastructure (for example, damage to hospitals and schools). The purpose of the Seismic Scenario Catalog is to assist managers and emergency planners in visualizing potential impacts of various seismic events to their regions. The Seismic Scenario Catalog represents a multi-agency collaboration, including DNR, EMD, Western Washington University (WWU), Huxley College of the Environment, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), US Geological Survey (USGS) and URS Corporation. We hope to update and improve the catalog over time.

Screenshot of Seismic Scenarios Catalog, Cascadia Scenario